BOD Board Members and Patrick Pierre Featured On DAP Magazine

C. Aigner Ellis
October 16, 2023

Brothers of the Desert (BOD) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting self-determination and helping black gay men in the Coachella Valley. The organization works to provide a safe, inclusive, and supportive space for these individuals while also advocating for health equity, access to resources, and protection from discrimination. BOD President Tim Vincent and Vice-President Eric Davis recently sat down with DAP Health's magazine for an extensive interview about their mission.

The duo explained that BOD was founded with the intention of empowering black gay men living in the Coachella valley and providing them with essential community building opportunities. They also discussed how the organization works to combat discrimination by engaging in advocacy activities such as educational outreach, public awareness campaigns, and community forums. In addition to Vincent and Davis the magazine also includes a feature on former board member and drag performer Patrick "Patty Cakes" Pierre.

The interview's focus was on BOD's commitment to empowering black gay men through its programs and initiatives. Vincent and Davis highlighted the importance of creating an environment where those individuals could feel safe and accepted without fear of discrimination or violence. They emphasized that access to resources is key for these men in order to lead healthy lives and build strong relationships with one another.

At the end of the interview, Vincent and Davis expressed their gratitude for DAP Health’s support and commitment to furthering BOD’s mission. They noted that working together would be essential in order to make the Coachella Valley a more equitable and inclusive place for all.

Through its mission of self-determination, Brothers of the Desert is actively working to create a safe, supportive space for black gay men in the Coachella valley and advocating for their health equity, access to resources, and protection from discrimination. The organization's recent interview with DAP Health has helped shed light on these important issues and further demonstrated BOD's commitment to empowering those individuals.

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